PurelyHR 2018 Year in Review

Dear HR decision makers, analyzers, creators and leaders. 

It’s that time of year. We know you are busy moving mountains, breaking barriers, lighting the fire or putting it out. And that’s why you need us just as much as we need you.  

No one will ever replace the human element behind HR. Your deep understanding of people, their behaviours and stories, make up the office heroes that you are.

In 2018 PurelyHR’s brand identity and vision shifted and we took the steps necessary towards our mission which is to encourage, empower and educate HR decision-makers to improve the PTO experience for their employees.

We did this by creating an online community of HR experts and various communication channels to guide you through the challenges and opportunities commonly found in small or medium-sized businesses.

Here is a look back at some of the newest resources and tools we’ve designed for you in 2018.


1. PurelyHR Brand/Website 

To kick things off, 2018 started off with a new brand. PurelyHR was given a brand makeover and website redesign to better communicate our purpose as a company.
We wanted to build a solid foundation to build our new platform on so this is why it was important for the team to realign ourselves with a new brand identity.


2. Redesigned Help Center

Did you get a chance to use or see our newly designed Help Center?

In order to serve our customers with a user-friendly information library, we redesigned the PurelyHR knowledge base to make it easier to find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

While our support team continues to deliver a prompt and pleasant experience on other platforms, this service is intended for the adventurous users eager to find the answers themselves. 

The updates in the new Help Center include re-categorizing the content, brushing up the design and implementing a better search bar to simplify the retrieval of helpful documents. Its designed to help you find the answers you need, more efficiently.

3. Humanizing Hustle Newsletter

Humanizing Hustle Newsletter Guide to Better PTO Experience

Here’s where things get interesting.

To identify and better understand the shift in the work culture, we summoned our inner sages and created a channel to inspire positive outcomes for businesses based on real experiences, studies and professional recommendations.

The current professional climate of hustle and determination is broken. In many cases, employees are feeling run down and tired, but also afraid of taking their vacation time because they can’t afford it, or they feel it may hurt their chances of advancement. 

The Humanizing Hustle newsletter is our gift to the HR decision-makers who are responsible to lift the people down in the trenches and create favourable work conditions to reach their objectives. We are exploring all the elements that make up a balanced and profitable pto experience and provide ideas for better results for the common challenges in today’s workforces. 

Download PurelyHR’s Guide to the Ultimate PTO Experience

This is part of our mission to encourage, empower and educate HR decision-makers to improve the PTO experience for their employees.

4. HR Decision Makers Facebook Group

At PurelyHR, we recognize the power of a strong community and want to leverage its potential! That’s why we brought you The HR Decision Maker’s Facebook Group.

PurelyHR Administrators are invited to join as they will get first access to product updates, have an opportunity to voice their ideas for better features for you and your team and of course, receive PurelyHR’s prime content which is created purely to deliver the most relevant news and best practices surrounding time off and HR.

We are creating a place where our customers can connect with us and each other to share stories and start discussions related to Human Resources.

Although our clientele is diverse and spread across multiple oceans, we all share a similar passion for helping people.  

Education is only a small part of what PurelyHR brings, and of course, you’re also here because of the tools provided to empower you and your team to crush it every day.

We are currently working on multiple projects that will enhance PurelyHR for 2019. We’ve unveiled a few of the projects we are currently working on in our PurelyHR Insiders Update blog post for 2019

We hope that these new updates will serve you in your HR journey. 

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