A Year in Review for PurelyHR in 2016

It has been a historic year for PurelyHR. Even though the new HR suite is still waiting to be officially released, the brand has made significant steps forward in 2016. As PurelyHR remains behind the shadows of Time-Off Manager for now, here is a look at some of its biggest moments in 2016.

Major Progress on the Development of PurelyHR

The development team behind PurelyHR has been extremely active in the past year. Some of the most noticeable achievements of this group in 2016 were undoubtedly the release of the new versions of Time-Clock, Warnings and Time-Sheet for the new human resource management suite.

In addition to the rise of the new modules, the team at Ironflow Technologies has also seen growth in 2016. This past year has been especially busy for our HR team as they focused on finding the best talent to help us with the upcoming launch and development of PurelyHR. With the upcoming launch of PurelyHR, we expect an increase in customer support, therefore, we have added two new Customer Success Representatives in August. Also, in order to deal with the myriad of projects we will be undertaking for the upcoming launch and growth of PurelyHR, we have welcomed a new Project Manager. These strategic additions to our team will allow us to pursue our mission to help small and medium-sized companies around the world manage their teams more efficiently.

Market Research

On the business side of PurelyHR, great strides have been achieved as a result of participating in Atlantic Canada’s top technology accelerator. As a member of Propel ICT’s fall cohort, we had the opportunity to dissect PurelyHR and validate every aspect of the brand to prepare for the upcoming launch. This also allowed us to pitch the idea to over 300 business professionals at Demo day in late November, which allowed us to collect a lot of positive feedback.

Other important activity includes:

  • 05/26/16: Time-Off Manager has been awarded by Cloudswave in their Top 3 Best Employee Management Software.
  • 04/26/16: We have enhanced the level of support to our clients by launching the PurelyHR Support Center.
  • 04/06/16: Time-Off Manager has reached the final 4 of Capterra’s March Madness Review Contest.
  • 01/26/16: Introduction of an internal employee Learning Center (Book Program).

We are extremely happy that we had the opportunity to showcase PurelyHR in a few occasions in 2016. Even though we would have hoped to have it officially launched earlier, you can expect the new HR suite to peek through the clouds in 2017 and earn the spotlight it deserves. In addition to the work on PurelyHR, the success of Time-Off Manager continues to prove that we have a world-class leave management system that will shine alongside other great HR solutions in PurelyHR. As we looked back at 2016 one last time, only one thought comes to mind: We can’t wait to show how PurelyHR will change the way small and medium sized companies manage their teams in 2017.