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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Onboarding now available in Staff™

    We’re excited to announce Onboarding, a brand new feature in the Staff™ module. While you can already manage current and outgoing employees with Staff™, we’re excited to introduce a feature to help you manage the beginning of the employee lifecycle.
  • 2019 Year-in-Review (and 2020 Preview)

    We’ve had a busy year here at PurelyHR between launching a new module, improving our support resources, and updating existing features. We're also getting oh-so-close to releasing a few new additions to PurelyHR (more on that below). Let's take a look at some highlights!
  • Performance is Now Available

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing Performance™

    It’s been a busy few months behind-the-scenes here at PurelyHR, but we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest module, Performance™. This all-in-one solution helps businesses modernize and simplify their performance review process.