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From Outlook to Time-Off™; Fingerprint Pads to Time-Clock™: How QLP Achieved Success With PurelyHR

Anything you need to know about the subject of this case study you can pretty much find within the name but for those still curious, Quality Logo Products (QLP) is a promotional products distributor serving their clients with high-quality products and low prices. Based in Aurora, Illinois, QLP is one of the top promotional products companies in the US and their customer reach expands all around the world.

(Fun fact: Quality Logo Products spoke on ABC News in mid-February on their Give Your Brand a Hand Program. See more on that in the video below.)

The company was founded in 2003 by two friends, Bret Bonnet (President) and Michael Wenger (Vice-President). In 2017, the company made over 42 million in sales. To this day, they are proud to be managing over 115 great employees.

From Outlook to Time-Off™; Fingerprint Pads to Time-Clock™

As we sat down and spoke with Michael, we learned a lot about the HR side of the company, from the challenges they faced to the results they were able to reach after implementing a leave management system.

Before implementing PurelyHR into their day-to-day tasks, QLP was using a program that integrated with Outlook to manage their employees’ time off. Their biggest issue was they had to manually enter and analyze data into spreadsheets which were both time consuming to maintain and difficult to access important data.

To our surprise, we still hear from a lot of businesses who are using outdated PTO and attendance tracking methods like spreadsheets and paper documents. They either don’t know management software exist or they don’t believe it works.  

“The amount of hours we saved isn’t even quantifiable”

By 2012, the team expanded to approximately 67 employees. This is when Bret and Michael began their search for a better human resources management method to replace their spreadsheets. They were looking for a software that offered flexibility, a fantastic user interface, a software that is responsive and also customizable. They recognized that changing the way their business operated for over a decade wasn’t going to be the easiest task, so the solution needed to be simple to adapt to.

After a few days of research, a few hours of sleep and a few too many cups of coffee, the QLP owners found the solution to their problem: Time-Off Manager™. At that time, it was a standalone vacation software that is now part of PurelyHR.

So why did the QLP managers and employees choose the new system?

Michael – “The UI was extremely easy to manipulate. Everything is there, it’s simple, and the amount of work to do it little.”

He then continued the conversation by adding the following.

“We hire great people and if the tools that we provide them are not great, then how are these great people going to stay motivated to do the job that they have been hired to do?”

If we take the time to look into some statistics, we can observe that QLP wasn’t the only company looking to replace their leave management software in the 21st century. Over the years, a lot of businesses have made the switch to HR tech and automation. In fact,

PurelyHR Was Built on Customer Relationships

Overall, the software was everything they were looking for and more. However, not every business operates the same way, which raised questions about the opportunity of customizing some of the features to accommodate their specific needs. They reached out to the support team not knowing if a certain type of customization existed or was even possible and were pleasantly surprised to see a quick response from the PurelyHR team. Not long after the request for a new feature was made, a few lines of code were added to allow QLP (and other companies) to track employees’ performance review days.

One of our favourite ways to improve our product is hearing from our customer’s experiences with PurelyHR and implementing their new ideas and adding valuable features that will help other HR decision makers around the globe. We do our best to ensure that our customers aren’t another number in our system and work hard to build long-lasting and personal relationships with those who choose to do business with us.

QLP Solves a Hardware Hangup with a Software Solution

Fast forward four years later, the QLP team kept growing and a new management obstacles appeared. At that time, Bret and Michael used digital fingerprint pads to track their employees’ times of arrivals and departures.

There was a major drawback: Employees would often forget about clocking in and out.

This was an issue that they knew needed to be addressed soon due to the team expanding and adding key roles in sales, for example. This brought a particular set of challenges due to their schedules being different than other as well as being on the road a lot. They needed a new way of keeping track of their employees’ schedules.

Conveniently, Time-Off Manager™ had started its transition to PurelyHR and offered new add-ons, one of which offered online time tracking functionality.

They knew how beneficial Time-Off™ was to their company, so they had confidence in the newest addition to the suite. Time-Clock™ was implemented and fit right into their system in 2016.

It does much more than save time.

“You developed a program that helps business owners or people who are in charge of management. You gave them a program that they could do their job better with. It’s been a great success for us”

As many of you HR Decision Makers know, there are many challenging responsibilities surrounding managing employees. For instance, dealing with the realities of non-abiding or struggling employees. In this case for QLP relies on PurelyHR to support difficult conversations with their staff in cases like tardiness or increases in unplanned absences. With the reporting function in Staff™, Bret and Michael are able to pull the report they needed and see the facts related to their employee’s attendance.

Having access to this data helped discover these issues, but also allows them to monitor the progress once the employee and the relevant issue has been addressed.

Michael was able to identify other key results from using PurelyHR other than saving them a lot of time:

  • Structure: Make HR policies clear and easy to follow.
  • Accessibility: Employee self-service functionalities allow employees to get the answers to their own questions.
  • Availability: Managers have more time to focus on their employees.
  • Compliance: Follow local laws like overtime and FMLA requirements for example.
  • Transparency: Access important information for follow-ups and performance evaluations.
Final Thoughts

One of the main takeaways from our conversation was how much the software allowed Michael the ability to automate the core of his human resources duties and keep his team aligned and motivated on the company’s goals.

The conversation ended with Michael quoting:

“PurelyHR saved us a ton of time; it just made us a better company”

An HR solution certainly isn’t for everyone. As we observed earlier, over 50% of businesses seem uninterested in implementing a web assistant for their HR chores. Several factors come into play when choosing the right solution for you as well. If you are unsure about a tool like PurelyHR, contact one of our success representatives to chat about the use of PurelyHR in your business.  

Here are a few of the favourite features our customers use every day:

  • Automation at Your Fingertips: Let our system take care of accruals, carry-overs, banked time and all other confusing calculations.
  • Employee Self-Serve: Allow your team the ability to access their own leave data anywhere, anytime.
  • Cloud Storage: Say sayōnara to your filing cabinets! Store important information in the cloud.
  • 3 Step Leave Request Process: Your team will be amazed by how quickly they can submit their time off requests!
  • Manage Multiple Offices & Departments: Have offices around the world? Keep track of different paid holidays and unique regulations in different parts of the globe.

If you want to see PurelyHR in action, book a demo with our Success Team! You can get in touch by sending us a quick message at or filling out the form on our contact page!

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We love supporting our customers so if you’re looking to order promotional products we’re giving QLP a 10/10 recommendation! Feel free to check them out by any of the mediums below.





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