Ironflow Technologies Continues to Grow! Meet our Newest Team Members: Caitlyn & Mario

Ironflow Technologies is happy to have two new faces in our Dieppe office. As anticipated, with the successful launch of our new PurelyHR platform, our customer success representatives have been very busy with new account signups and existing customers looking to add features or modules to automate their HR departments beyond Time-Off. This increase in customer interactions has necessitated our Support Team to expand as we want to continue delivering exceptional service to our loyal customers. With this being said we are happy to introduce Caitlyn, our Customer Happiness Specialist.

While we’ve always had a particular focus on service, the team at Ironflow is equally concerned about our customer experience. That’s why we have brought in Mario, a CCNB student that will be working with our Marketing Department this summer to ensure that our customers and prospects have an enjoyable experience with PurelyHR.

In order to know them better, we have conducted a short interview with both employees. We have discovered many great things about our latest hires that I am sure you will enjoy. Here is our Q&A with Caitlyn and Mario.


Caitlyn Rye – Customer Happiness Specialist


Q: Hi Caitlyn, first of all, we would like to congratulate you on the new position! We are thrilled to have you onboard. Can you start by telling us a few things about yourself?

C: Sure! I absolutely love to travel.  Have been to 30 countries and have much more on my bucket list.  I moved to New Brunswick when I was about 9 and consider this home, however, I’ve also lived in France and England since I graduated from high school.  I never thought I’d settle back here, but I’ve owned a home in Salisbury for about 3 years now and can’t see myself moving away again. I graduated from an Electronics Engineering Technology program and a Hotel & Restaurant Management program, however, my last couple jobs had nothing to do with either but all had something to do with customer support and/or training!

Q: Wow 30 countries! That’s amazing. On top of travelling do you have any interesting hobbies that you would like to share?

C: I’ve been playing the piano for 28 years and I love to read. However, most recently, my main hobbies have been home improvement projects!  I bought a bank repo house in bad repair a few years ago and have made it look like a completely new home.

Q: Love it! Can you tell us what interested you the most about pursuing a career in Customer Support?

C: The last few years I have enjoyed roles that offered a bit of freedom and flexibility.  Roles that allowed me to insert my personality into interactions with clients and students while not be attached to a headset for 8 hours. I was looking for something that afforded me those same things.

Q: What is it about Ironflow Technologies that convinced you that this was the right company for you.

C: A positive corporate culture is something that’s really important to me.  The job posting had a great vibe and in speaking to someone else who works here, it sounded like everyone generally enjoys coming to work. Then I saw the books in the office library and I was sold! In the last week, I’ve definitely noticed that everyone seems happy to be here.

Q: You’re absolutely right, nothing beats a great culture! Besides working closely with our amazing customers, what are you most excited about in your new role as Customer Happiness Specialist?

C: Definitely looking forward to getting to know my colleagues better…and reading all the books in the library!

Q: Great answers, you’ll soon find out who the fellow bookworms are I’m sure… Finally, for the last question. We want to know a very important question that will help everyone know you better. Cats or Dogs?

C: Definitely dogs. I’m allergic to cats so that definitely keeps me from enjoying their company!

I think you are joining a majority in the office with that answer! This was fun. So glad we got an opportunity to know you better! Again, welcome to the team!

Mario Maillet – Web Development Intern 

Q: Hey Mario, welcome to the team! We’re so happy to have you join the team for the summer! Before we get started, give us a short description of yourself!

M: Hi! My name is Mario Maillet, I am 19 years old and I am a student at CCNB in Dieppe, NB.

Q: Great! Can you share some of your favourite hobbies with us?

M: My favourite hobbies would have to be driving cars and playing music.

Q: That’s awesome, we have lots of great musicians here that will love to hear more about your musical interests! Tell us what interested you in pursuing a career in Programming?

M: I realised this was the career for me at a young age when my parents got a home computer. Since this new toy appeared I’ve been interested in everything involving computers and knew Programming was the right career choice for me.

Q: Ah yes, the first home computer. Great memories! So, after completing your first year in Programming at CCNB Dieppe, what has been your favourite part of the course thus far?

M: One of my courses this first year was on Shell Script. I was inspired when I discovered that so much could be done with a computer other than just surf the web. This is also where I realised how much I enjoyed programming.

Q: What are you most excited for in your internship at Ironflow Technologies?

M: I hope to learn new things working in a different environment other than a classroom and have the satisfaction of making something that people will use.

Q: Great answer! Finally, we all need to know… If you were going on a deserted Island and could only bring 3 items. What would they be?

M: I would bring my guitar, an old Nintendo console and a fishing pole.

Those are three very good choices! Thank you so much, Mario, we hope you enjoy your time with us during your stay this summer.