Introducing PurelyHR’s Brand Refresh

Today we’re thrilled to reveal our brand refresh. You will see the new look on our website, across our blog and social channels, and even a few updates when you log in to PurelyHR.

PurelyHR launched in 2010 as Time-Off Manager, cloud-based vacation tracking software. Now, over 10 years later, we’re a leader in HR management software and offer a range of modules focused on addressing the HR needs of small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

We took stock at the start of this year and realized how far we’ve come from our start as a leave management software provider. Primarily, we wanted our brand to better represent our full software suite. We also wanted to present a more mature brand that aligned with our aspirations for future growth and innovation.

New PurelyHR, Same Mission

Although our look has changed, our mission remains the same: to give people more time to focus on the parts of their job that they love by simplifying their everyday HR.

We do this by creating flexible, customizable software for leave management, time tracking, performance management, onboarding, and more. 

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What Does This Mean For You?

This brand refresh is the first step in ensuring we’re supporting and connecting with the people who matter most—our customers. After all, we wouldn’t be here without you! This new look is more than a fresh coat of paint—it’s reaffirming our commitment to providing software and resources that truly help you and your employees. 

With that in mind, we have a lot of exciting things planned for 2021 including the launch of Talent, our new employee certification tracking module, improved help resources, and continued feature improvements to make PurelyHR even better.

An Inside Look at Our Brand Refresh

So, what exactly goes into creating a new brand visual identity? Here’s an inside look at the design details with Jeremie, PurelyHR’s User Experience Designer.

Here’s what Jeremie had to say about his work on the brand refresh:

PurelyHR has grown a lot since 2010. Our visual identity is something that has gone through a few rounds of refinement since then. There was a feeling until now that our aesthetic “aha moment” had yet to happen—until now!

Shifting our colour palette towards the exciting spectrum of screen resolution and RGB (instead of colours meant for print), we started playing with more vibrant hues of blue. This immediately opened us up to a realm of colour harmony and style that wasn’t possible before. We called it Loyalty Blue.

PurelyHR new brand colour: Loyalty Blue

Next, we refreshed all of our official fonts to create a clearer, more mature typographic landscape. We found this with Cronos and Gibson Families of typefaces.

PurelyHR new fonts: Cronos and Gibson

You may notice these colour and font changes when logged in to PurelyHR. Things are a bit brighter, the module icons look a bit different, and you’ll see these subtle new fonts. Don’t worry, everything is still in its place but we wanted to bring this refresh in-product for a consistent experience.

Finally, what was missing was artwork. Something calming that had a human element with a bit of whimsy. A breezy aquatic theme emerged. A dreamy world where HR tasks flow like water and HR professionals float on clouds. HR tasks become a breeze with PurelyHR.

PurelyHR brand refresh illustrations

Overall, we now have a simpler, warmer, and more mature aesthetic that supports our mission. We hope you love the new look and are excited to share this brand refresh and new chapter with you.

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