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PurelyHR: Made in Canada Eh 🇨🇦

Happy Birthday Canada!

To celebrate our beloved country’s 150th birthday, we decided to share some of the reasons why we are proud to live and work from Canada EH!

Even though most of our business is done in the United States (67% to be precise) we always enjoy doing business in our home country. We are just as happy to say that our software is made in Canada by Canadians. We aren’t simply saying this to demonstrate our Canadian pride, but we truly believe that being from this beautiful country provides us and our customers with many advantages.

To start, here are few reasons why Canada offers a very pleasant business and work environment.

According to Maclean’s Magazine’s Canada Day survey:

  • We have greater economic freedom because of our sound, reliable and transparent public finances.
  • Our banks and banking systems are better and stronger (4 of the top 10 banks in the world were Canadian)
  • We have a relatively lower unemployment rate than the U.S., particularly among young workers.
  • We have better health care, benefits, paid holidays and paid leaves, including maternity and paternal leave.
  • Workplaces are mandated by law to be inclusive and welcoming, with opportunities open to all.

While a positive work environment is quite important. We can’t forget to balance the quality of life that Canada has to offer. Whether you live on the coast of Vancouver or Newfoundland, you will be surrounded by beautiful scenery, friendly people and free healthcare!

  • Canada actually ranked first in the “Quality of Life” category in the annual “Best Countries” survey from the U.S. News & World Report, scoring a perfect 10 based on a variety of sub-factors including politics, economy, and health care.
  • We are blessed with some of the friendliest people. Sorry, but it’s true.
  • According to an OECD report on global education, Canada has the highest proportion of college grads – 51 per cent.
  • In a recent national air quality study by the World Health Organization, Canada placed third for the cleanest air on the planet.

We haven’t even mentioned Hockey or Beer… Seriously, we could keep going, but I think we made our point. Canada has much more to offer than maple syrup and poutines. You can be sure, Canada is more than capable of keeping up with the world’s best in any industry or market. That’s why we are proud to develop our international software in Atlantic Canada.

If you are proud to be from Canada or enjoy having us as neighbors, let us know in the comments or share this article with your co-workers! Be proud and be safe while celebrating the 150th anniversary of our country’s confederation!


Rejean Martin

Rejean is the Marketing Manager at PurelyHR but some people also know him as the guy who lived in a bus in the prairies. As a world traveller and nature lover, Rejean can strongly attest to the power of time off in the workplace.

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