The Tweets That Told the Story: Last Week’s Vegas #HRTechConf

Twenty years of Human Resources innovation in technology. Amazing!

Last week, thousands of industry leaders, experts and innovators gathered in Vegas for the 20th Annual HR Tech Conference, and we joined in the conversation digitally on Twitter!

Some of the major takeaways as told by our favorite #HRTechConf tweets are listed below!

It was with somber hearts that the #HRTechConf kicked off on Oct 10th as the city was just hit with the largest mass shooting in US history.



But it wasn’t long before the official @HRTechConf Twitter account started things off strong with their #VegasStrong post. Igniting the community to give back to the host city in their time of need.



And it didn’t stop there. We saw more and more #HRtech influencers promoting the cause:



Our spirits were soon lifted as the conference kicked off on an inclusive note – with powerhouse female HR influencers taking the stage delivering keynotes and panels alike.



And the tough questions were asked…



Companies like Google and IBM showed up for the fun!




And Laszlo Bock offered up his knowledge to the crowd!




We discussed all things Artificial Intelligence!



And attendees quoted their takeaways from the abundance of talks and seminars!



And there you have it! Twenty years of Human Resources innovation has come and gone, and there’s still so much work to be done! Events like this inspire companies like ours to continue building and bettering our products and continue to WOW our clients!

See you next year!