3 Vacation Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank

We get it. Vacation planning can be really stressful, time-consuming, not to mention, expensive. 

We’ve talked about a few reasons on this blog as to why your employees might be avoiding their hard-earned vacation time. One topic of conversation we haven’t talked enough about… is their budget. 

Often times the thought of vacation gets lost in the idea of a lavish trip to a faraway destination. (Preferably somewhere warm)… But that’s not necessarily how we view vacation time. 

To us, vacation time is any time that employees can get to recharge their batteries in order to come back ready to continue being the efficient performer they usually are! And sometimes… The stress of a ridiculous and overzealous trip might take away from the actual recharging of the said batteries. 

So, we’ve put together a small list of low budget and low-stress vacation ideas for your team to encourage them to take more of their well deserved time off! 

1. The Home Body

We’re starting off this list with my personal favourite. As someone who can absolutely destroy an entire pizza all by myself and takes an unnecessary amount of pleasure in binging an entire Netflix series in one day. The homebody vacation does wonders for me mentally. At work, my mind is always running coming up with new ideas and creative strategies, sometimes it can be really relaxing for me to allow my mind to get lost in something other than work. Like the latest season of the Bachelor, or the entire Harry Potter franchise. 

However, this can also be for a person who likes to stay close to home and wants to spend a lot of quality time with their friends and family! This type of time off can be an odd day here and there, either on a Friday or a Monday to turn that weekend into a long weekend, or maybe an already long weekend a little extra long. 

2. The Mini Getaway 

Much like the homebody, the getaway can also be packaged in a mini vacation, an extra day added to a regular weekend or maybe a long weekend. 

But rather than staying in the house or close to the house, maybe they can hop over to the next town? Rent a hotel or an Airbnb for the night with some friends or family and become a local tourist! Plan an itinerary to see some local sights or some light shopping over the course of a couple of days. 

It might sound like nothing but a new environment can do wonders for recharging and relaxing your brain! And a mini getaway can have similar effects on your motivation for work that a longer and larger getaway can provide.

3. The Adventurer 

Maybe you’re more of an outdoorsy or adventurous type! That’s why at PurelyHR we offer our team a personal day called Yay Days where our team can take a full paid day as long as they send us a cool selfie of them out doing their favourite outdoor activity. Just last week our Marketing Manager took a day off to hit the slopes on his snowboard!

Maybe there’s a marathon an employee wants to take part in or another special event. Whether it’s swimming, or skiing, or hiking, encourage your team to take the necessary time to get out to explore and experience nature if that’s what they need to get back to their highest performance.

Have some more ideas on vacation ideas that aren’t too expensive/ need to travel to far to take? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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