Time-off management automation tool to unburden your team

AI employee time-off automations

Table of Contents: Calling all SMB owners and HR managers: how does saying goodbye (forever!) to the tedious task of manual time-off calculations sound?   If manually tracking HR data is making you feel overwhelmed and burned out, you’re far from alone. For one thing, disconnected platforms and old ways of storing data make it exceedingly […]

Strengthening your employee data security with SaaS systems

Table of Contents: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed out by your company’s growth, you’re not alone. Having to switch gears from doing quality work, to sustaining the performance of the overall team, to being a growth-minded leader is no small feat. What if you could quickly and easily implement a solution that immediately […]

6 benefits of HR software for environmental nonprofits

More and more, nonprofit organizations, including those in the environmental sector, have been harnessing the countless superpowers offered by HR software. After all, these cutting-edge cloud-based solutions help streamline virtually every aspect of operations. The possibilities are endless, from recruitment to onboarding, talent management, and compliance. Cloud-based HR software reduces the environmental footprint of eco-conscious […]

7 benefits of cloud-based HR software for schools

illustration of a team working on ideas for the education sector, implementing cloud-based HR software for school

We live in a time when businesses and organizations operate constantly, rapidly, and dramatically evolving. At this very moment, countless organizations around the globe are playing catch-up. To strengthen their resilience, they are adjusting to and embracing digital transformations. HR departments are far from immune to these whirlwinds of change. And, pertinently, schools are turning […]

Holiday tracking software: 5 key features to look out for

Chances are, if you’re searching for holiday tracking software, it’s because you truly need a better system. While you may have gone paperless long ago, updating a spreadsheet every time someone takes time off is still…a lot. Enter holiday tracking software. Why is holiday tracking software necessary? A modern-day tool essential to the efficient management […]

Optimizing performance management with HR software

The ability to efficiently and effectively manage employee performance is an undeniable driver of success in any organization. That being said, traditional performance management strategies are commonly regarded as dated and ineffective. Indeed, by today’s standards, methods like manual data analysis and lengthy annual appraisals are a sinkhole for time better spent. And relics like […]

8 must-have features in HR software for nonprofits

Fact: effective HR software for nonprofits has become vital rather than optional. By streamlining management and payroll tasks, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance, HR software allows essential organizations to allocate more resources to their core mandates. And that—let’s face it—is what it’s all about.  Nonprofits are under ever-increasing pressure to manage a massive range of […]

Strategies for building a continuous learning culture in your organization 

In today’s ever-changing workplace landscape, businesses must take advantage of all the tools in their arsenal in order to stay agile and competitive. Cultivating a culture of continuous learning helps keep you a cut above the rest by equipping your employees to adapt to evolving industry trends, acquire new skills, and ultimately, drive innovation. What exactly is […]

Promoting work-life integration in remote teams

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the average worker still spends less than 15 hours per day on “personal care”—which, in this case, includes sleeping, eating, leisure time, and family activities. Rightfully so, work-life balance has been a tireless buzzword for many years now—as well as a crucial value espoused by any organization worth its […]

Developing effective employee rewards and recognition programs

Let’s talk about employee recognition, shall we? An employee recognition program is a formal initiative implemented by a company to acknowledge and reward employees for their outstanding performance, noteworthy achievements, and worthwhile contributions. Recognition is often given on a shared platform accessible to all internal employees.  But why, you ask? The main purpose of an […]

HR metrics and analytics for data-driven decision making 

HR managers and small business owners have long-debated the best strategies for dealing with complex issues that inevitably/eventually develop in any given organization—from addressing lulls in morale and efficiency to resolving disputes, to better managing PTO requests. While in the past, companies have relied heavily on qualitative (and therefore subjective) information derived from employee experiences, […]

9 creative employee benefits for the summer

It’s only natural for people to look forward to beautiful weather in the summer. Oftentimes, if business allows for it, work slows down a bit—seemingly a reflection of this natural transition—as people schedule vacations and soak up the sun.   If you haven’t yet considered how to integrate a few creative summer perks into your employee’s […]