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How to use our vacation calendar template

Learn how to efficiently use the free PurelyHR employee vacation calendar template. Learn from a step by step instruction and best practices.

Managing employee vacations efficiently is crucial for maintaining productivity and ensuring adequate staffing. An employee vacation calendar is an indispensable tool for HR professionals and managers alike.

This guide will walk you through how to effectively use PurelyHR's free employee vacation calendar spreadsheet, ensuring simple vacation tracking and management.

1. What is an employee vacation calendar?

An employee vacation calendar is a visual tool for tracking and managing employee vacation days. It helps organizations plan and coordinate time off, ensuring adequate staffing and minimizing operational disruptions.

2. Getting started with the template

1. Accessing the Template

Fill the form to get your free vacation calendar excel template!


2. Copying or downloading the template

Copying the template

  1. Open the template link:
    • Fill out the form above to access the Google Sheets template using the provided link

    vacation calendar template

  2. Make a copy:
    • Click on File in the top menu.
    • Select Make a copy from the dropdown menu.
    • Save the copy to your Google Drive for editing and customization.

how to copy the vacation calendar template


Downloading as an Excel file (XLSX)

  1. Open the template:
    • Fill out the form above and access the Google Sheets template through the provided link.
  2. Download as XLSX:
    • Click on File in the top menu.
    • Hover over Download and select Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).
    • Save the File to your local computer and open it in Microsoft Excel for offline use.

how to download the excel template-1


3. Overview of the template 

This tool helps you plan the employees' vacation in a monthly calendar view.

  • Column labels: Include employee ID, employee name, the calendar days of the month, and the total number of days taken as time off. 

4. Step-by-step guide to using the template: 

Step 1: Enter employee details

Begin by pre-filling in the basic details of your employees in calendar view:

  • Employee ID: Assign a unique ID to each employee.
  • Employee Name: Enter the full name of each employee.

Step 2: Duplicate the "Vacation calendar" tab

To ensure you have a separate schedule for each month of the week, you need to duplicate the tab:

  1. Duplicate daily schedule tab:
    • Right-click on the "Vacation calendar" tab at the bottom of the sheet.
    • Select "Duplicate".
    • Rename the new tab to reflect the specific month and year (e.g., "June - 2024").
    • Repeat this process for each month at its beginning.

      how to duplicate the vacation calendar tab

Step 3: Fill in your monthly data as the requests come

Input Employee Details:

  • Enter the names and IDs of all employees in the designated columns.
  • Mark vacation days:
    Use dropdown menus to mark vacation days by marking them as "Off" for vacation.

how to fill the vacation calendar tool


Step 4: Share the calendar

  1. Share the finalized calendar with your team once the month begins:

    • As soon as the new month starts, ensure that the calendar containing all planned events, meetings, and time off is ready.
    • Make sure it’s in its finalized state, with no pending changes or updates.
    • Sharing it promptly allows your team members to stay informed about upcoming activities.

  2. Provide a “view” link if you’re using the Google Sheet template:

    • If you’re using a Google Sheet as your calendar template, consider sharing a “view” link instead of granting editing access.
    • A “view” link allows others to see the calendar without making any modifications.
    • This approach maintains security and prevents accidental changes.

  3. Transparency for team members regarding time off:

    • By sharing the calendar, you create transparency within the team.
    • Everyone can easily identify who is taking time off during the month.
    • This clarity helps in planning workloads and ensuring smooth operation


5. Best practices for effective vacation management

  • Plan ahead: Encourage employees to submit vacation requests well in advance.
  • Fair allocation: Ensure fair distribution of vacation days among all employees.
  • Staffing contingencies: Plan for staffing contingencies to cover critical tasks during employee absences.
  • Regular updates: Regularly review and update the vacation calendar to reflect changes in day off of your team.


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