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7 benefits of cloud-based HR software for schools

There are many benefits to cloud-based HR software for schools. It kickstarts administrative efficiency, facilitates collaboration, and more

We live in a time when businesses and organizations operate constantly, rapidly, and dramatically evolving. At this very moment, countless organizations around the globe are playing catch-up.

To strengthen their resilience, they are adjusting to and embracing digital transformations. HR departments are far from immune to these whirlwinds of change. And, pertinently, schools are turning up the volume on their calls for more efficient HR management.

Enter cloud-based HR software for schools.

The massive shift underway entails transitioning from traditional HR management systems to cloud-based, AI-powered, fully customizable solutions. Simply put, cloud-based solutions are hosted and accessible via the Internet—rather than installed on a local server or computer. For starters, HR software can store, manage, and streamline data relating to employee records, payroll, benefits, time off, and recruitment. All in a secure and accessible digital environment you don’t have to maintain yourself.

But what can all this advanced HR software really do for schools?

The rising importance of efficient HR management in schools

Due to educators’ evolving demands and expectations, efficient HR management software is becoming increasingly crucial in schools. These cloud-based systems help staff to accomplish oh-so-many integral tasks. The advantages are glaringly apparent, from streamlining administration to boosting recruitment efficiency, facilitating onboarding, and tracking attendance.

Cloud-based HR software also fosters a more efficient workplace by rendering critical HR data more accessible. When both educators and administrative staff have easy access to important files, collaboration becomes more straightforward. This, in turn, leads to improved communication, quicker decision-making, and a more productive environment overall.

At the end of the day, efficient HR management ensures the recruitment, development, and retention of high-quality educators, directly impacting the quality of education. Isn’t that everything? Teachers and students alike thrive in the presence of effective HR practices.

The benefits of cloud-based HR software for schools

Let’s break it down further, shall we?

Here are 7 tangible benefits of going cloud-based at school:

1. Centralized and secure data

Cloud-based HR software provides schools with a centralized and secure platform for storing and managing employee data. With everything accessible via one hub, critical information is much better organized and protected against data and security breaches.

2. Accessibility

Much like any other modern-day organization, schools benefit from being able to offer decentralized or flexible work arrangements. With cloud-based HR systems, educational institutions can access HR data and tools from anywhere with an internet connection.

3. Cost-efficiency

Compared with traditional, on-premises HR software, cloud-based systems offer a more cost-effective solution. How is this possible? Because they eliminate the need for expensive hardware, reduce maintenance costs, and often operate on a subscription-based model.

4. Reporting and analytics

 HR software for schools typically offers robust reporting and analytics tools. Schools that go cloud-based quickly realize that they can have new superpowers. They can gain valuable insights into HR trends, performance metrics, and compliance—just like that. This, in turn, informs much-improved, data-driven decision-making!

5. Time-saving and efficiency

 The automated processes and workflows that cloud-based systems are known for save much time—for real. By reducing manual data entry, paperwork, and administrative tasks, HR software allows HR departments to focus on more strategic activities. You know, like cultivating a positive culture or ensuring an environment of continuous learning.

6. Scalability and future-proofing

HR software systems can quickly adapt to the evolving needs of any given educational institution. This makes adding new features, integrating with other software, and accommodating growth pretty simple. Translation: long-term viability is a much likelier outcome than ever.

7. Reduced paperwork

Cloud-based HR software significantly decreases schools’ reliance on physical paperwork (gasp) and manual record-keeping (imagine that). This, of course, contributes to a more eco-friendly and efficient HR management approach—something everyone can benefit from.

HR software for schools: University of Toronto success story

PurelyHR is proud to count U of T among our many post-secondary education clients. As if being a globally top-ranked public research university wasn’t enough, their MD program has been ranked sixth in the world.

The burning question: how exactly has the MD program’s leave management improved since implementing PurelyHR’s Staff and Time-Off modules in 2013?

Gina John, Director of Operations for the program, found that simply managing time off was a full-time job. With about 70 staff at the time, it’s no wonder.

But ever since implementing PurelyHR, she has seen massive improvements. The difference is so stark that the program now uses PurelyHR in its administrative offices and for tutors within their clinical program.

Observed benefits include:

  • Transparency: employees can now quickly view a snapshot of their leave entitlement at any time simply by logging in. The result? Fewer time-off disputes. Also, improved understanding and stronger communication of their policies.
  • Reporting: our Time-Off module offers a range of configurable reports for every purpose under the sun. Gina can quickly pull reports on pending requests, balances used, and month-end summaries—to name just a few. Advanced reporting capabilities help her identify pertinent time-off patterns faster than ever before.
  • Shared leave calendar: a fave feature among many PurelyHR clients, this omniscient calendar offers staff a snapshot of any period. In other words, anyone can get a clear picture of who’s present or absent on a given day, week, or month. This is an invaluable way of ensuring that proper staffing needs are always met.

Bottom line: cloud-based HR software can potentially benefit educational institutions immeasurably. It offers convenient remote access to employee data, kickstarts administrative efficiency, and facilitates collaboration. It also happens to simplify leave management a whole lot, ensuring accurate tracking and streamlined processes for better resource allocation.

Really, what more could one ask for in a cloud-based HR software solution? More and more, schools are investing in a more feasible future by opting for vastly improved workflows. If you could improve something tenfold by making use of all available tools, wouldn’t you do it?

Want to see it in action first? Book a demo today.

And, as always, if you have specific questions that need answering, feel very free to drop us a line. We’re happy to help!

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