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6 benefits of HR software for environmental nonprofits

There are many benefits to cloud-based HR software for environmental nonprofits. Going paperless is only the beginning.

More and more, non-profit organizations, including those in the environmental sector, have been harnessing the countless superpowers offered by HR software. After all, these cutting-edge cloud-based solutions help streamline virtually every aspect of operations. The possibilities are endless, from recruitment to onboarding, talent management, and compliance.

Cloud-based HR software reduces the environmental footprint of eco-conscious non-profits by promoting paperless processes and facilitating remote work. It can also vastly improve employee engagement by attracting passionate, well-qualified advocates who nurture an organization’s culture. Meanwhile, software-generated data-driven insights can go a long way toward supporting an organization’s overall sustainability goals.

Ultimately, the right HR software can significantly contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental non-profits. This, in turn, allows them to focus more on fulfilling their crucial mandate—and less on tedious, mind-numbing tasks. You know, like tracking PTO or trying to stay on top of compliance updates. Since it’s hard to imagine work more pressing than helping save planet Earth, this is no small thing.

Here are 6 ways cloud-based HR software can help environmental non-profits fulfill their purpose better:

Global accessibility and collaboration.

Cloud-based HR software allows employees and managers to access HR information and collaborate easily, regardless of physical location. This is particularly valuable for environmental non-profits, as they commonly work on projects in multiple regions. The result? Smooth ‘n seamless communication and coordination among team members, no matter what time zone they inhabit. Or which pyjama pants they decided to wear.

Streamlined recruitment and onboarding.

Optimal recruitment and onboarding processes are critical for non-profits aiming to engage skilled employees urgently in their climate-based initiatives. Cloud-based HR software offers tools for automating and streamlining a litany of recruitment tasks. Whether posting job ads or managing mountains of onboarding documentation, this is a huge help. Why? Because it allows environmental organizations to build effective teams swiftly and without unnecessary roadblocks that might derail a project’s momentum.

Resource and budget management.

Modern-day HR software typically includes features that help organizations manage their resources and budgets. This can be a serious game-changer for environmental non-profits that need to allocate resources across multiple projects. The software helps non-profits track expenditures, manage revenue and expenses, and optimize financial resources to support their big-picture goals. You know, the ones geared at making actual change in the world. Really, what better use is there for a budget?


Training and development tracking.

Non-profits can use cloud-based HR software to monitor and manage training and development initiatives. This might include tracking employee skills and certifications and overall training progress. Naturally, being able to make sure that staff members possess the necessary skills and knowledge is key. Ultimately, it improves an organization’s ability to create positive and impactful contributions to environmental projects. These might concern reforestation, water conservation, and renewable energy—to name a few.

Data-driven decision-making.

HR software provides analytics and reporting tools that empower climate-oriented non-profits to make well-informed, data-driven decisions. Ultimately, data is power, and it can help organizations allocate their resources effectively while simultaneously measuring the success of their efforts. In the never-ending quest to stay on top of strategic planning, data-driven insights are everything. For instance, having the right data on hand can help identify trends that shape targeted sustainability initiatives. Or it can uncover important analytics on employee engagement, thereby helping with meaningful workforce optimization.

Enhanced security and compliance.

Cloud-based HR solutions tend to prioritize data security and compliance using privacy regulations. This is vital for environmental non-profits dealing with sensitive information. Robust security features, such as data encryption and access controls, help to protect confidential data—including HR data. The idea, of course, is to ensure compliance with any and all applicable legal and ethical standards. The last thing a non-profit with an urgent mandate needs is a compliance issue that swallows up time and attention. You heard it here first.

How Purely HR can help

PurelyHR offers numerous modules to streamline HR processes so non-profits can hold governments accountable for their net-zero promises.

  • Time and attendance tracking: PurelyHR’s Time-Clock, Time-Off, and Time-Sheet modules allow non-profits to track employees’ working hours, PTO, and time spent on a project. For environmental non-profits with field teams or remote workers, this helps contribute to fair compensation and project cost tracking.
  • Performance management: PurelyHR’s Performance module allows non-profits to set and track their goals, conduct performance reviews, and track employee achievements. This can be particularly valuable to non-profits reviewing the effectiveness of on-the-ground teams as they work toward consequential renewable energy deals.
  • Training and certification tracking: For non-profits focused on environmental initiatives, tracking employee training and certifications related to sustainability or other specific skill sets is integral. PurelyHR’s Talent module can help manage and monitor training programs, ensuring staff members possess the necessary expertise. This is a direct way of contributing to the organization’s mission.

Let’s recap, shall we? By leveraging cloud-based HR software, environmental non-profits can streamline operations, improve collaboration, and allocate resources more effectively. This enables them to focus on their core mission: promoting environmental sustainability and conservation. In other words—the survival of the species and such. 

At PurelyHR, we value current and future generations of humans and human resources alike! That’s why we offer a discount to non-profits. Plans begin at less than $5/month, and there’s an additional discount if you opt for an annual subscription. Additionally, our modular software structure asks only that you pay for the features you happen to need.

Ready to free up your time for more important matters and reduce administrative costs while you’re at it?

And, as always, if you have specific questions that need answering, feel very free to drop us a line. We’re happy to help!


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