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In the Absence of a Dedicated HR Manager , Versature Relies on PurelyHR for Time Off Management

Not having a dedicated HR administrator doesn’t mean your employees have to suffer. Versature, Canada’s leading business VoIP phone provider, owes a great deal of gratitude to PurelyHR for simplifying a process that could easily be mishandled or problematic for employees and managers.

Versature is recognized for business excellence and as an employer of choice in the Canadian Telecommunications industry

Creating a fair and open environment for your entire staff is crucial to the success of any business today. Employees deserve and expect to be treated fairly and work in a positive work environment that allows them to achieve their goals. It’s no secret that companies that are investing in their teams this way are seeing incredible results now more than ever.

On that point, we want to introduce you to Versature, a Canadian business phone service provider that has great pride in their commitment to customer success and positive disruption in the telecommunications market. To achieve their corporate goal, the executive team knows the importance of building on the foundation of a happy and healthy corporate culture. Jonathon Moody, COO of Versature said it best, “We are what our staff are”. No surprise, the results have been outstanding.

Versature has experienced over 55% growth year over year, expanded their workforce threefold since 2011, and have been awarded the employer of choice in the Canadian Telecommunications industry for the past 3 years. Creating a healthy work culture while playing in a very competitive market definitely came with a set of challenges early on, but Versature believes that being a smaller organization doesn’t mean you can’t achieve big things. Let us show you how PurelyHR has allowed Versature to focus on the well-being of their employees and stand up against the major telecom giants.

50% year over year staff growth has been a thrilling journey for Versature thus far

After receiving the Fastest Growing Company in Ottawa Award in 2013 and again in 2017, it is safe to say that Versature is no stranger to growth. But as you can expect, growth like this does come with a specific set of challenges.

As the team at Versature reached double digits, tracking staff absences in Gmail and Google Calendar became a nightmare. Keeping track of employee time-off balances was confusing for everyone and was starting to cause concern among staff and management. Unfortunately, without a bulletproof process in place, some requests and approvals would easily get lost or were not readily available for managers to identify issues. The lack of solid time-off processes made it easy for employees to abuse the system and go over their sick or vacation time limits.

When a company triples in staff, they need one of two things

Some companies turn to a dedicated HR administrator when they are faced with major growth, others look for an HR platform like PurelyHR. For Versature, choosing PurelyHR as an HR platform turned out to be not only the economical choice but the most valuable one. It was easy for Versature to track staff absences, and PurelyHR’s experts were available to answer any of Versature staff’s time-off policy questions.

PurelyHR’s Time-Off module turned out to be the ideal system to solve their challenges as it simplified employee absence tracking and wasn’t as large and complex to implement as other HR systems. Additionally, Versature’s management team was also pleased to find a system with the flexibility to add complexity as their team continued to grow.

From the very first conversation, Jonathon and his team were very pleased with the prompt and helpful service provided by the staff at PurelyHR, especially during the setup phase when PurelyHR’s expert staff advice helped them set up their time-off policies.


“If we started any other business, a system like this would be at the top of my list. Implementation is nothing and cost is minimal, which makes this type of SaaS-based HR product a must-have in any business’s arsenal.”

– Jonathon Moody, President & COO at Versature


PurelyHR provides managers with all the information needed for an open and honest conversation

From day one, new hires at Versature are introduced into the system, which immediately calculates the accrued vacation time allowed until year end. Not only did implementing PurelyHR make absence tracking and calculations a breeze, it also practically eliminated potentially negative or awkward conversations about time-off balances. PurelyHR’s solution created a fair environment for Versature’s entire staff by allocating everyone the same amount of time off, which also removed the potential for questioning if someone seemed to be constantly sick or away.

For Versature’s management team, communications with staff are much more transparent thanks to PurelyHR. With the ability to set specific rules in regards to time off requests, management was given more control and ability to grant additional vacation or sick days. Work-life balance is also of high importance at Versature, and a system like PurelyHR allows the executive team to get an overview of who is taking their vacation days for some much-deserved time away from the office. The insight into vacation day use enables Versature’s management to have personal conversations with their employees, helping to keep them engaged and happy. Thanks to its simplicity, both employees, and management at Versature were happy to adopt the new HR management system, and are now big fans of it.

All employees at Versature now have the ability to access their personal information and view availability ahead of time without having to ask their superiors, and planning their vacations is no longer a stressful or negative process.

Versature’s customer-centric approach is built on the foundation of happy employees

For Versature, PurelyHR Time-Off has proven to be a great addition to the team’s SaaS toolbelt, especially without having a dedicated HR employee or team. Office Manager Jessica Visnevskis especially benefits from the product, as it allows her to free up time that used to be spent liaising with management and employees and manually tracking time-off. Instead of taking time to manually enter data, she now simply submits employee information for accounting purposes through the system. Now she can focus on the employee’s first.

“I would 100% recommend PurelyHR as it makes any office manager’s life a whole lot easier. And as a bonus, the birthday and anniversary reminders allow us to celebrate these special days with the staff!”

– Jessica Visnevskis, Office Manager at Versature


Having an email or notification set up to know when special days are coming up is definitely a small but noticeable feature that can go a long way in maintaining a positive work culture. The managers at Versature take advantage of these reminders and the extra time is given to them to celebrate and focus on the wellbeing of every single employee. This dedication to humans over dollar signs is one of the ways Versature sets themselves apart from larger competitors in the saturated telecommunications industry.

We are extremely proud to showcase the amazing work that Versature have achieved and will continue to work beside them as they focus on creating a positive disruption of the telecommunications market by delivering unprecedented support, the highest quality products, services and innovations beyond a business phone connection.

On our end, PurelyHR wishes to make offices a better place to work in for employees and managers. When we hear success stories like this from our customers, we are extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity to help them succeed.

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Rejean is the Marketing Manager at PurelyHR but some people also know him as the guy who lived in a bus in the prairies. As a world traveller and nature lover, Rejean can strongly attest to the power of time off in the workplace.

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