Our onboarding features are now available in Staff™

Onboarding is a brand new feature in the Staff™ module. Organize, assign, and track tasks so new employees are set up for success as soon as they’re hired.

Here we are! Our first feature launch of 2020! We’re excited to announce Onboarding, a brand new feature in the Staff™ module. While you can already manage current and outgoing employees with Staff™, we’re excited to introduce a feature to help you manage the beginning of the employee lifecycle. 

Onboarding helps you organize, assign, and track tasks for new hires so you can start them off on the right foot.

Onboard for success

We all know first impressions are key when starting a new job. A new employee’s first impression sets the tone for their experience with your company. Ultimately, this affects job satisfaction, employee engagement, and company loyalty.

This is why a smooth onboarding process is so important. Organization, communication, and teamwork are key components of a positive employee experience. Now, Onboarding conveniently centralizes all of these functions within Staff™.

What can I do with Onboarding?

  • Create custom templates to assign and organize all tasks for the new hire and employees within your company who assist with the onboarding process.
  • Create multiple templates for different hiring scenarios or departments, so you’re always prepared.
  • Add new hires to PurelyHR when you start the onboarding process, streamlining tasks for administrators.
  • Transparent tracking to ensure key tasks are completed on time. 
  • Send out a welcome email when you’re ready to begin the onboarding process, giving new hires access to PurelyHR and their tasks.

Ready to give Onboarding a try?

If you already subscribe to PurelyHR, click here to log in and try it for yourself. If you’re new to PurelyHR, start your free 21-day trial now. No credit card required and no obligation to upgrade ever!

As we shared in our 2020 preview at the start of the year, our continued goal is to expand PurelyHR into a full Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and we’re excited to offer a more robust Staff™ module with the introduction of this new feature.

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