The Top 4 Most FAQ About End of Year Prep in PurelyHR’s Time-Off

You're going to want to start taking a look at your PurelyHR Time-Off account in preparation for your employee's requests! (where did the time go?)

Ah, 2017, the year of #FakeNews. You want to know what’s not fake news? You’re going to want to start taking a look at your PurelyHR Time-Off account in preparation for your employee’s requests in 2018! (where did the time go?) ?

This time of year a lot of customers have questions and concerns about how to best prep for their staff in 2018 with Time-Off. So, without further adieu, here’s a list they compiled of the most frequently asked questions in regards to the end of the year prep for our Time-Off module!

But first! Here are a few things to keep in mind! ?

1. Review your pending requests in case you have any left over. Taking care of these now will prevent potential issues in the future calendar year! Not sure how? Check it out in the here!

2. Once the year has officially ended, a great way to view a list of all your employee’s 2017 balances is by running the Balance/Allowance Report and setting the date for December 31st



Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: If your policies are not set to renew at the end of the calendar year, not all will apply to you.

1. How do I add Paid Holidays for next year?

Answer: Adding or modifying Paid Holidays is an easy process. We have a step by step article that will give you all the details necessary for your Paid Holidays.

screenshotscreenshot2. I have employees with approved time off in the future calendar year. Why don’t I see the requests in the audit trail, or why don’t I see a balance for the next calendar year?

Answer: Once the new calendar year has started, all approved requests will be deducted and shown in the audit trail. Also, the new balance will be available at that time.

3. Why can’t employees take time off in the next calendar year?

Answer: The Future Calendar Year setting allows your employees to take time off in the next calendar year. For more information on making that change, visit our Employee Permissions article situated in the knowledge base.
screenshot of PurelyHR product

4. How can I confirm that all of my employees will renew on January 1st?

Answer: You can run the Allowance Settings report by going to Time-Off →  Reports →  Allowance Settings. This will show you a column called “Renewal Date” which you can use to verify when the Time-Off Type will renew.



There you have it! ?

You’re all set for your end of year prep in Time-Off! Now that you have all this information in hand, we hope that your account will be ready for a fantastic 2018! If you have any other concerns or questions please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you! We are always ready and happy to help! ?

– Customer Success Team

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