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University of Toronto’s MD Program Increases Staff to Manager Transparency With PurelyHR

A few months ago we had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our many post-secondary education clients, the University of Toronto MD Program, to discuss how their Time Off Management experience has improved since implementing PurelyHR in 2013.

Not only is U of T repeatedly recognized as one of the top Universities in Canada, but its MD program was ranked fourth globally by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan in 2011.

PurelyHR is proud to be the Vacation and Time Off management solution for many colleges and universities around the world –  and so we wanted to hear from one of them right here at home in Canada about how their services were going so far!

We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Gina John, the MD program Director of Operations. Gina oversees the overall operations of the program. With strong leadership abilities, Gina has successfully managed a broad scope of activities that include human resources, financial resources, operations, student services and strategic planning.

With approximately 70 staff in the MD program, it’s safe to say Gina has her work cut out for her, so it only makes sense that she’d be in search of a time off management solution.

U of T and their MD program not only utilize PurelyHR in their administrative offices, but also for tutors within their clinical program at one of their academy sites.

Gina describes their previous system set up as impossible. Using an SAP platform was standard and with the size of the program, managing time off would become a full-time position. Which is something we hear echoing through a lot of our clients.

Since implementing PurelyHR, Gina has seen improvement in 4 key areas within the program and her team.


With PurelyHR Gina tells us that their culture has changed, not only have they been able to decrease the amount of time in between request submission and request approval – but staff are able to see more clearly where they stand with their time off policy. How many requests they’ve made, how many days they have, how many sick days they’ve taken, etc! So very few time off disputes arise these days.


Reports were a must have for U of T, and luckily PurelyHR has a number of intuitive and automated reports that help Gina recognize time off patterns faster than ever before.

Being able to recognize these patterns sooner rather than later is invaluable to a business.


We were also very excited to hear how much Gina and her managers love the shared leave calendar as it gives them a snapshot of any given day, week, or month and who is going to be in and who is going to be out and for what specific reason.

This is super helpful for Gina and her team when managing time off requests. She’ll be aware if next week she’ll be low on staff.


Gina also spoke highly of our customer service team who was quick to respond when she had a bug in her banked time policy. Thanks for the wicked feedback Gina! Our Customer Success team thinks you’re pretty great too!

Since implementing PurelyHR, Gina and the rest of the MD program at U of T have had an amazing experience with their time off policies. No more policy abusers, no more delays on request approvals, and they absolutely love the day to day snapshot of who’s in and who’s out!

Are you curious to see how your business can take advantage of some of these awesome features? We want to show you how! Book a demo with us and streamline your time off policies in just a few hours!

Jared Goodman

As Content Coordinator at PurelyHR, it’s Jared’s job to research the latest and greatest time off trends and deliver them in impactful ways to our customers. A self-proclaimed Anti-Hustler, Jared knows the value time off can have in a business, having burned out several times as a freelancer before finding true work/life balance at PurelyHR. It’s his mission to help all 100,000 of our users achieve that same satisfaction.

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