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How to simplify attendance tracking and reporting?

Discover how to automate attendance tracking, eliminate manual data entry, and generate actionable insights to streamline your process.



Imagine a retail store experiencing an unusual high foot traffic on a particular day. The manager can use the employee time management software to see which staff members can work extra shifts. This helps make sure there are enough employees to meet customer needs without having too many staff members on duty.

Or a small marketing agency gearing up for a crucial client presentation. Yet, in the lead-up, the team leader notices a key member is absent without having given notice. If they didn’t accurately keep track of who was present, they might not have noticed the problem in time.

This oversight could have jeopardized the project and damaged their relationship with the client. This could have put the project at risk and hurt their relationship with the client.” 

Employee attendance is changing because of various factors, such as:


How can using employee time management software help your company?

Using employee time management software can help companies keep remote staff engaged and prevent burnout.  

More and more companies are realizing this: the global workforce management market will grow from 6 billion USD (as measured in 2020) to 9.3 billion USD by 2025, at a CAGR of 9.3%. 

This (not) just in: efficient attendance time tracking and reporting are essential for businesses. It enables them to accurately assess employee performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions regarding staffing and resource allocation. When your organization can access real time data on attendance patterns and trends, it can optimize productivity, streamline operations, and mitigate potential compliance risks. 

But the struggle is real! As some companies still use manual attendance tracking methods because they can’t find the time or energy to switch. Yet these are time-consuming, prone to errors, and difficult to scale as a company grows. Not to mention, dealing with absenteeism, lateness, and unplanned leaves can disrupt workflow, affect team morale, and impact overall productivity, too. 

Without efficient systems to monitor attendance and address attendance-related issues, your business will likely have higher operational costs and decreased competitiveness in the market. This ultimately drains you of more time and energy than embracing a software solution ever could. 

Good news: PurelyHR simplifies attendance tracking and reporting by providing a user-friendly platform that automates the process. This allows you to run your business efficiently and gain valuable insights that help make workforce management well, manageable, and optimal.  

PurelyHR’s attendance tracking features 

PurelyHR offers a range of attendance tracking features across our time clock, time-off, timesheet, and other modules. These include:  

PurelyHR’s clock-in and clock-out feature lets employees quickly record their working hours via remote and mobile options. So, whether working from home or on the go, staff can easily log their attendance using our employee self-service portal

The result? Real time visibility into workplace activities and vastly simplified attendance management for administrators. Think of it as a built-in clock-in-and-out app for the ages. 

Our absence tracking feature enables employees to request time off and allows managers to approve or deny these requests efficiently within the platform. It also automates tracking absences, including vacation days, sick leave, and other types of PTO. What could be better than a centralized and uber-streamlined solution for managing employee absences? 

PurelyHR’s customizable timesheets feature allows your organization to tailor time-tracking methods to its specific needs. Which accommodates a range of work schedules and pay periods. It has become much easier to keep track of employees across different roles and departments. Plus, if you choose the advanced format of this feature, you can also track time for specific clients or projects.  

Our time-off module automatically calculates and updates employees’ accrued leave balances based on company policies and tenure. This streamlines tracking vacation, sick leave, and other types of PTO, ensuring accuracy and consistency in monitoring employee absences. PurelyHR: your ultimate solution for tracking vacations and leaves.  

Time-clock offers real-time attendance data monitoring, allowing administrators to access up-to-date information on employee attendance. This module includes clock-in/out times as well as absences. This feature provides instant insights into what goes on in your workplace (and what doesn’t). Facilitating timely decision-making and more efficient management of staffing needs. 

We offer 25+ pre-built, customizable reports making it easy to generate tailored reports on attendance data. These reports provide insight into trends, patterns, and potential areas for improvement. With the ability to customize report parameters and formats. Extracting actionable insights is par for the course—and so is improving your business. 

User-friendly interface 

At PurelyHR, we’re well-known for our intuitive user interface and straightforward navigation. We’re proud to offer an exceptionally user-friendly platform for administrators and employees. Every feature is designed with simplicity and efficiency at the core. Enabling users to easily manage attendance, request time off, and generate reports without extensive training or technical expertise. This streamlines the entire process and saves valuable time for stakeholders.  

Our many adjustable settings allow your organization to tailor the platform to its specific needs. Enhancing its user-friendliness and adaptability across industries and company sizes. Therefore, whether you need a customizable interface, reports, or timesheets, we’ve got your unique needs covered. 

It’s rather telling that an impressive 129 out of 283 total G2 reviews for PurelyHR listed “ease of use” as a significant advantage. 

How PurelyHR automates attendance management routine and leave processes 

PurelyHR automates attendance and leaves processes via its comprehensive features. Such as streamlined approval workflows, automated accruals for time-off requests, and our famed customizable timesheets. Employees can quickly request time off through the self-serve platform, which automatically updates their attendance records and notifies relevant managers when their input or approval is pending.  

It should go without saying that PurelyHR’s automation capabilities reduce (or eliminate) the need for manual data entry and repetitive administrative tasks. It’s 100% possible to ensure accuracy in attendance tracking and leave management while freeing time for more skilled labor—like big-picture strategizing. 

Turning attendance data into actionable insights 

PurelyHR’s customizable attendance reporting feature transforms attendance records into excitingly actionable insights. With access to reports highlighting trends, patterns, and potential areas for improvement, your position has changed undeniably. Furthermore, these reports can also include metrics like attendance rates, frequency of absences, late arrivals, and more, allowing managers to identify issues and patterns and take proactive measures to address them before they spiral out of control.  

Additionally, our platform can leverage historical data to forecast future attendance patterns, optimizing workforce planning. There’s nothing quite like turning raw data into a clear and present threat to inaction, inefficiency, and overall discouragement. 

Using PurelyHR as an attendance tracking system streamlines your processes. From automated time-off requests to real time monitoring, customizable workflows, or just plain saving time, enhanced organizational efficiency is our forever passion project. 


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