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From Outlook to Time-Off™, Fingerprint Pads to Time-Clock™: How Quality Logo Products Found Success With PurelyHR

Quality Logo Products is one of the top promo product companies in the US. Here's how they use PurelyHR to simplify their HR tasks.

Quality Logo Products (QLP) is a promotional products distributor based in Aurora, Illinois. QLP is one of the top promotional product companies in the US and their customer base reaches around the world.

The company was founded in 2003 by friends Bret Bonnet (President) and Michael Wenger (Vice-President). To this day, they are proud to be managing over 115 great employees.

(Fun fact: Quality Logo Products spoke on ABC News in mid-February on their Give Your Brand a Hand Program)



From Manual to Digital

We sat down and spoke with Michael to learn about the HR side of their company, from the challenges they faced prior to PurelyHR to the results of implementing a leave management system.

Before implementing PurelyHR into their day-to-day tasks, QLP was using a program that integrated with Outlook to manage their employees’ time off. Their biggest issue was they had to manually enter and analyze data into spreadsheets which made it both time consuming to maintain and difficult to analyze important data.

Surprisingly, we still hear from a lot of businesses who are using outdated PTO and attendance tracking methods like spreadsheets and paper documents. This is why we started PurelyHR over 10 years ago and now provide thousands of companies with the tools to streamline their HR processes such as leave management, staff data management, time-tracking, performance management, and more.

And, QLP are not alone in searching for a solution that improves HR processes. In fact, a 2018 study from Pricewaterhouse Coopers found that 75% of companies use cloud-based software for at least one HR process. As companies continue to find ways to streamline and automate everyday tasks, HRIS software leads the way in responding to these areas of concern.

“The amount of hours we saved isn’t even quantifiable. PurelyHR saved us a ton of time; it just made us a better company.”

By 2012, QLP’s team had expanded to over 65 employees. This is when Bret and Michael began their search for a better human resources management method to replace their tedious spreadsheets. They were looking for a software that offered flexibility, a fantastic user interface, a platform that was responsive and also customizable. They recognized that changing the way their business operated for over a decade wasn’t going to be the easiest task, so the solution needed to be simple to adapt to.

After a few days of research and a few too many cups of coffee, the QLP owners found the solution to their problem: Time-Off Manager™ (which would eventually become Time-Off™ as PurelyHR grew). 

So why did the QLP managers and employees choose the new system?

“The UI was extremely easy to manipulate. Everything is there, it’s simple, and the amount of work to do it, little,” said Michael.

He continued:

“We hire great people and if the tools that we provide them are not great, then how are these great people going to stay motivated to do the job that they have been hired to do?”

PurelyHR Was Built on Customer Relationships

After deciding on PurelyHR, QLP had some questions about customization. They reached out to the Customer Success team looking for a solution to accommodate one of their specific needs and were pleasantly surprised to receive a quick response from the PurelyHR team. 

Not long after the request for a new feature was made, our Development team had created a feature to allow QLP (and other companies) to track employees’ performance review dates (this was before Performance™ was launched, of course).

One of the most valuable ways to improve our platform is hearing from our customers about their experiences with PurelyHR. We prioritize our relationship with our customers and work hard to listen to concerns, respond quickly, and find solutions for all of the businesses we serve.

QLP Solves a Hardware Hangup with a Software Solution

Fast forward to 2016, the QLP team kept growing and new HR obstacles started to appear. At that time, QLP used digital fingerprint pads to track their employees’ arrivals and departures.

There was a major drawback though: employees would often forget about clocking in and out.

With an expanding team and roles both in and out of the office, they needed to find a new way to ensure time was being tracked properly.

As PurelyHR grew, we introduced new modules, including time-tracking modules Time-Sheet™ and Time-Clock™, which fit QLP’s needs perfectly. They implemented Time-Clock™ so their employees could clock in and out anywhere (with set restrictions, of course) and found a solution to their growing pains.

It’s More Than a Time-Saver

“You developed a program that helps business owners or people who are in charge of management. You gave them a program that they could do their job better with. It’s been a great success for us.” – Michael Wenger, Vice President, QLP

Some of the key areas PurelyHR has helped QLP with (besides saving a ton of time), include:

  • Communication and transparency: Transparent leave balances, access to employee data at any time, and hours worked are just a few areas that are no longer a mystery for QLP employees.
  • Accessibility: Employee self-serve functionality allows employees to keep their information up-to-date. And, wave goodbye to your filing cabinets! Securely store and access key information from anywhere.
  • Compliance: Improved tracking and transparency can help your business ensure you’re following local laws, for example, overtime and FMLA requirements.

Ready to Join QLP in Simplifying your HR?

If you want to see PurelyHR in action, book a demo with the Customer Success team. You can also reach out to us anytime at

Don’t forget, we also offer a free account set up session, if you decide PurelyHR is right for you.

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We love supporting our customers, so if you’re looking for great, high-quality promotional products, we give Quality Logo Products a 10 out of 10! You can find them here:

Twitter: @qualitylogo




Phone: 1-866-312-5646

Originally published June 2018, updated February 21, 2020

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