Going remote pays off for our community

Going remote allowed us to expand our recruiting efforts and find talent across the country. Learn about the benefit for our community!

Sometimes going remote can pay off in more ways than one.

Much like many companies around the world, when the pandemic hit, our team moved to a remote working environment. As two weeks of remote work turned into two years, we realized the added benefits of flexible work.

Going remote allowed us to expand our recruiting efforts and find talent across the country. Now our team spans coast-to-coast across Canada.

With our geographically diverse team, we found that our physical office space was no longer necessary, and decided to move out! Seeing as we had an office full of unneeded furniture and supplies, we realized this could be a perfect opportunity to give back to the community that we’ve been apart of for many years.

After auctioning off our office supplies, our team chose a local non-profit to receive the proceeds of the sale. We’re so happy to share that we raised $2,230 for Crossroads for Women!

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Crossroads for Women has been empowering women for over 40 years, and is the largest domestic violence and sexual assault shelter in South-Eastern New Brunswick. They provide shelter, education, resources, on-going support and 24/7 crisis intervention to victims and survivors of violence.


Crossroads for Women is helping women and children transition from crisis to empowerment by providing safe housing, education, counselling and support.


We’re so grateful to be able to give back to such an important cause, and know our donation will be going towards critical support services and helping to break the cycle of abuse.

If you’re interested in learning more, donating or volunteering visit their website.

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