Employee Data: From Bleak to Sleek in 5 Quick Growth Centric Hacks

Once upon a time, I worked for a small tech company with just 4 employees including myself. I shared a desk with the Team Coordinator, who took care of a lot of the administrative duties including HR and employee data management. She went on and on about the dreaded Google Sheet she had to import and export out of almost every single day and after analyzing a little deeper, quickly we found that most of her day was actually stuck on mundane HR tasks and took away from, you know, actually coordinating the team!

Lesson learned?

It doesn’t matter if you have 5 employees or 500, your staff’s data needs to and it doesn’t matter if it’s the CEO, or the HR/Office Manager – employee data can take up a lot of your time and frankly, with all the options for HR management technology available – it’s time that you could probably be investing elsewhere, like exploding your company’s growth next quarter for instance! ?

Fortunately for you, our team is working incredibly hard day and night to find new ways to help you automate your HR processes. In this post, we’ll discuss the FIVE growth-centric HR data hacks that will help you escape the bleak paralysis of spreadsheets and dreaded paper files and catapult you into the world of sleek HR technology and automate your overall employee tracking system! Strap in, and let’s do some HR hackin’!

1. Employee Data, Centralized

First thing’s first, you need all your people in the same place. This may sound simple to some but if you don’t have an existing HR process or system then it becomes incredibly easy to get out of sync with your employee data and lose important files and information. It’s a no-brainer that HR automation is well sought after, and with important employee information at your fingertips, growth becomes much more feasible. Take into account a massive chain store with multiple different offices and locations all tracking different yet individually relevant employee records? Spreadsheets just aren’t cutting it anymore!

In today’s HR roles, doing more with less is crucial. HR and Office Managers especially are expected to be results driven and strategic. Focusing your time and energy towards integrating HR with other departments and aligning staff with current market trends is much easier when their employee data tracking is all in one place and automated!

And not to mention when it comes time to move team members around or perhaps consider internal employees for promotions and new positions. [KiwiClickToTweet tweet=”Easily accessible data by managers = confirmed alignment of employee goals ” quote=”When managers can review data easily, they can be certain their workers’ goals are aligned with organizational objectives.”]

Following through with a centralized data management system, like the PurelyHR Staff module also allows you the freedom to delegate tasks to employees with specific skill sets, and provide training where needed skills may be lacking.

2. Let Employees Manage Their own Data

You hired them for a certain job, and any time taken away from that job to ask your HR department easy-to-answer questions, the less work on that job they actually get to do. Productivity is king here, and providing your employees with a level of trust that only fuels more work completed is the direction you want to be going in!

Allowing employee’s to manage their own data allows for less redundant data entry, more accurate staff records (because who knows them better than themselves?), reduced errors and expenses, and last but not least: [KiwiClickToTweet tweet=”no more spreadsheets or filing cabinets! ?” quote=”no more spreadsheets or filing cabinets! ?”]

PurelyHR’s staff module makes it all too easy for you to provide your employees access to necessary data so they can keep tabs on their personal information, which leads to less running around and happier HR Managers!

3. Enter the Land of #HRtech and Make Room for Growth! ?

Here at PurelyHR, the LAST thing we wanna see is HR Managers and small business owners drowning under the weight of their employee’s needs and improper processes. That’s why we stay on top of all the latest HR market trends and continuously innovate our products and work on offering new modules to add to your customized suite and allow you to automate the portions of your HR process that make sense for you and your team!

Benefits to upgrading your HR system into the 21st century are utterly endless! We can talk for days about how environmentally and economically friendly HR technology can be for your business, but at the end of the day, it’s the efficiency of your team that truly matters. When you automate your employee data and make it accessible to them as well as their managers, you’re only fostering further growth in your company and allowing more room for you to focus on key metrics for success for your next quarter!

4. Goodbye Spreadsheets, HELLO Support! ??

Honestly, we hate spreadsheets too much. Spreadsheet, shmreadsheets. We’re not talking about this anymore. What we WILL mention though is our absolutely phenomenal customer support team who’s ready and able to answer all of your pressing questions about our software and how it affects your company processes and policies.

Our team is incredibly talented at taking in your specific needs and providing customized solutions on how to best operate our modules for your team!

Let’s see a spreadsheet do that, huh!

5. Don’t Stop At Employee Data

Okay, so you’ve automated your staff information -amazing! And baby steps are great… But don’t just stop here, keep the momentum going. PurelyHR has tons of options for HR automation from time-off requests and approvals to punching in and out and even warnings! And we’re constantly crafting up more ways to help you streamline your HR department so you can become more agile, more strategic, and more growth-centric!

[KiwiClickToTweet tweet=”HR is vital to driving your bottom line” quote=”HR is vital to driving your bottom line”]

HR is vital to driving your bottom line! So you’re going to want to make sure you don’t end up like my friend in the opening of this blog post, witch an overwhelming workload and very little time to actually do the things she needed to do to push our projects further, even with a small team! So it truly doesn’t matter if you’re a team of 5 or 500, HR automation is something you need to consider.

Did we miss any super important HR data hacks if you learned in your travels through the land of human resources? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear them! Or Tweet us @purelyHRsoft and let us know if this list helped you out!