Ironflow Technologies Experiencing Major Growth

How We Define Growth

There are plenty of ways to measure growth.  The increase in sales and new milestones were clear indicators of the success Ironflow Technologies was experiencing with our leave management system. However, it was the new acquisitions to the team and the relocation to our very own building that really made us realize that we were experiencing significant growth and had evolved from a start up to an accomplished Human Resources software development company.

In the past year, Time-Off Manager has continued to surpass our expectations by reaching over 1500 clients in over 60 countries around the world. Following the success of Ironflow’s first product and main source of income, the development of new Human Resources Management Software was inevitable. Since 2012, we’ve been slowly developing and perfecting a new HR software suite that will bring the company to new heights. Today, the soft launch of the new HR software suite is only weeks away and our team is very excited to share their masterpiece with the HR industry.

Adapting to the Growth 

With new products come new responsibilities, which is why Ironflow Technologies has been recruiting new talent to effectively manage the growth it has been experiencing. In a little over a year, several new positions were created and 6 new staff members were added to the team. As new positions in information technology, marketing and management were created, the team quickly grew to 11 full time employees. The growth in human capital went smoothly; however we quickly outgrew the 1600sqft second floor office that Ironflow had called home for so many years. That’s when in a stroke of luck, Ironflow Technologies future home appeared across the street with a for sale sign. Jason, Ironflow’s President wasted no time and claimed the property to be Ironflow Technologies new HQ.

The new, two story building is the beginning of a new chapter. This is where, PurelyHR, the new HR software suite will make its official launch into the HR market and where new employees will enjoy new career opportunities with a leader in web-based software development. As expected, the various changes have sparked a high level of energy from the staff. Employees are highly motivated and are looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

Planting Seeds for Local Growth

The acquisition of the new building goes deeper than accommodating the growth of the company. It also allows us to increase the visibility of our company beyond the internet. It gives us a local presence that has not been fully exposed in the past years. Although we have over 1500 clients, only 8 of these are from the same province we call home.  So along with the new building, we expect to increase efforts in our hometown in order to attract local businesses and recruit local talent, but more importantly help businesses in our community strive with the help of our web-based management software.  The new Headquarters is definitely a strategic procurement in several ways for Ironflow Technologies future.   

As we mentioned, growth can be measured by a number of factors, and in Ironflow Technologies case, the increase in sales, additional products, job openings and the acquisition of a new modern building are signs of prosperity. As Ironflow sets their sights on the future forecast, they are confident in the path they are taking to discover new markets and products to prolong their success.