New Design Transition Underway for Time-Off Manager

PurelyHR has taken another step forward today as we begin the transition of our new Time-Off user interface for our Time-Off Manager customers. As you may know, we have been working hard on the release of the new interface to bring the vintage Time-Off Manager interface back to life and join the new PurelyHR platform. This update was crucial to help improve the overall experience of Time-Off Manager and PurelyHR altogether. 

Progressive Transition Underway

The transition will be a progressive process to ensure a seamless transition and to assure our customer success team can efficiently tend to customers who may need assistance. The transition is currently underway and customers will be contacted directly with an anticipated transition date for their accounts prior to the modifications. 

One of our main focuses throughout the redesign was making the transition as easy as possible for Time-Off Manager users who have been used to the classic Time-Off Manager interface. In order to provide a seamless transition to the new user interface, we have made very minimal changes to the system itself. The design and location of some functions are the only main differences from the past system. Also, it was important for us to stay true to our roots in the new design. That’s why you will notice several pieces of the classic Time-Off Manager design. In the end, it is the same reliable and simple to use leave management solution with a new and improved look.

We have also created new documentation and a video to help users get familiar with the new design. We highly recommend taking the time to watch the video and discover what has changed. We have also updated our new Time-Off Guides to match the new design. You can contact our customer success team for access to these files. 

New Design part of PurelyHR Platform

As you may be aware, the transition to the new Time-Off interface is a part of the launch of our new PurelyHR platform. This new HR solution created by Ironflow Technologies will provide you with a flexible and affordable solution for all your HR needs. Although we encourage you to try our new modules and benefit from the new technologies available on PurelyHR, you will have the flexibility to choose which modules are necessary for your team. If none of the available modules is needed at the moment, no further action will be required following the transition to Time-Off. If you want to know more about the modules available in the new HR platform, visit the PurelyHR website.

Want to know how you can have access to our new PurelyHR modules? Click on the following link to for instructions on how to access your account dashboard and try our new modules for free!

How to Access your Account Dashboard

We truly appreciate your patience and hope that you will enjoy the update as much as we do! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team, they will be happy to assist you.