PurelyHR Staff Module Update (06/2017)

As you may be aware, PurelyHR has made a series of important changes in the past few months to improve the overall user experience of our online HR platform. Now, we have made another step forward by implementing an update to our BETA version of Staff, our Core HRIS module.

What exactly are these changes and how it will affect you? The majority of the changes in this new Staff update will affect the Time-Off account holders. We have transformed the way they will navigate through their Time-Off account. To be more precise, we have moved certain functionalities from Time-Off to the Staff module. This will allow each module to control specific actions and work together seamlessly. With that being said, Staff will now be equipped with all the functions necessary to manage your staff and account information while Time-Off and our other modules take care of their respective tasks. Rest assured, these changes will not affect pricing and will make PurelyHR much easier to navigate.

Here’s a quick recap of the changes

  1. The following functions in Time-Off will soon be redirected to the appropriate sections in Staff
  • Settings –> Paid Holidays
  • Manage Users –> Edit Employee Information
  • Manage Users –> Create
  • Manage Users –> Import from CSV
  • Manage Users –> Send Welcome Emails
  • Manage Users –> User Types
  • My Profile
  • Departments
  • Offices
  1. Update from CSV : Most of the updatable information from this section have been moved to Staff. From Time-Off, you will only be able to modify the following information: Vacation, TimeOffTypeName, Vacation-AddTo, TimeOffTypeName-AddTo, ApplyPolicy, ApprovalPath
  2. Alterations to the Staff Interface Design

Again, these are small steps forward for our Core HRIS module, but they are necessary as we continue to build a strong foundation for our HR platform. While we continue to push towards making PurelyHR the most exceptional HR solution to help your business succeed, we appreciate your cooperation and patience. We understand that changes can be overwhelming at times, however as we mentioned before, these adjustments will not affect pricing and are intended to improve your experience when navigating through multiple modules in the future.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we would be happy to assist you.