The Story Behind A Customer Focused Brand

The Beginning of the Journey

Every company has a story. Some are exciting, inspiring and even jaw dropping stories that shapes the company core brand and purpose. When we look back at Ironflow Technologies history, we quickly realize how we helped thousands by shaping our company around customer service and flexibility. Today we are very grateful since the path that we had fallen on has led us to a very promising and purposeful future. Its almost like it was our plan all along.

It all started back in 2007. Jason Gendron – the founder, was the owner of another IT services company in Moncton, New-Brunswick which employed over 20 employees. As the company grew, he struggled to keep up with all the HR administration as it was too time consuming. To solve this problem, Jason started to develop a web-based software called Time-Off Manager, to help him track everyone’s time-off more efficiently and alleviate him from the weight generated by attendance spreadsheets. Seeing the potential in Time-Off Manager, Jason decided to sell his IT service company, and create Ironflow Technologies Inc. which would mainly focus on developing Time-Off Manager as a business on its own.

Time-Off Manager Launched to the Public

Finally, in 2011 after testing the leave management software with a select number of clients, Time-Off Manager was officially launched to the public. Soon before we knew it, the word began spreading and the number of clients using TOM quickly grew. At the time, the software served the basic needs of most companies, however many customers began requesting new features to accommodate their immediate or future needs. Jason quickly took note of all the requests and worked on them immediately to welcome not only the opportunity to retain his existing customers but to gain new ones. This approach was repeated for years, as TOM continued to attract more clients, Jason’s growing team continued improving the product based on the specific needs of the clients they served. By listening and consulting with our clients directly we we’re able to create one of the most fully functional and flexible products on the market.

“We regularly add new features or make modifications to our systems based on client requests. At the end of the day, all the apps we’re building are for our clients, so we think it’s really important to listen to our client’s demands, and make adjustments if possible to accommodate their needs.” – Jason Gendron, President

Still to this day, Jason has shown his commitment for flexible products and customer service. It is one way for Ironflow Technologies to reward loyal customers who helped them shape their future.

“Without our clients TOM wouldn’t be where it is today. They have built our product one feature at a time.”  – Tammy Saulnier, Account Manager

Birth of PurelyHR

A few years after the success of Time-Off Manager, many existing clients showed interest in other products that would help improve their business and HR departments. This motivated us to begin developing a plan for PurelyHR. This new HR suite will be the next chapter for the company and has the potential to bring us to new heights and is all thanks to the loyal clients who believed in and pushed us to create new products.

Our team is forever grateful for the path that we have taken on the journey to solving HR management. Listening to our customers and giving them a voice in the development or customization of the products/packages has been a major advantage for the company and has helped us create great quality products. The success of Ironflow Technologies is in large portion attributed to our loyal customers. Which is why we are forever devoted to offering our existing and new clients the same exceptional service and flexibility that has allowed us to grow into the company we are today.