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The PurelyHR Help Desk with Brian V

Hi, Everyone! And welcome to our inaugural Q&A video. We get a LOT of questions about our product from existing, but mostly prospective clients and it makes sense! Every business is different and while we do our best to be as accommodating as possible, you want to make sure that PurelyHR is the right move for you and your team.

So, we’ve decided to start compiling some of our most frequently asked questions from our customers (both existing and prospective) and tackle them in this video to hopefully answer some of those buzzing questions you might have about PurelyHR

Welcome to The Help Desk!

Our Customer Success Specialist, Brian is our main man for video! (Really, he loves this stuff) He’ll be hosting these Q&A videos each week and either cover a list of FAQ’s our dive deeper into a broader subject to make sure you’re always getting the most our of your Time Off Manager ™

Take it away Brian!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:40 – Brian talks about our multiple office’s feature. Our customers truly love this one which makes us really happy. A not so common feature for other leave management tools on the market is allowing businesses with multiple offices in multiple locations, time zones, and more importantly with different time off regulations to follow manage their teams in one account. You can easily set up time off types and/or restrictions and apply them to specific offices. We find this bodes well with companies that have remote teams as well.

01:05 – Approval Hierarchies are crucial to operating a time off manager in your company. Brian discusses how every business has a different set up for their operations, which would include approvals. It’s so easy to set up your own approval hierarchy within PurelyHR so that your team gets their requests approved by the right person.

01:28 – Time Off Types are the bread and butter of our tool! It’s one of the most prominent ways our clients can get creative with their leave benefits for their teams. We’ve seen clients create time off types from jury duty, study time for students, all the way to climate leave, and domestic violence leave (which we talked about in this week’s blog post you can read more about here)

3 Key Take Aways
  • Remote teams 💙 PurelyHR
  • PurelyHR is flexible to your companies specific operations
  • Thousands of Time Off Type Configurations Available

There you have it, friends! Our first ever PurelyHR Q&A video is in the bag!

Stay tuned as we’ll be answering more questions in videos just like this one on our YouTube channel.

But don’t forget if you need a question answered right away our Customer Success team is ready and waiting for you!

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Looking to get a quick question answered? You can also check out our frequently updated Knowledge Base here.

You can also send us a tweet @purelyhrsoft on twitter! We know an eager Social Media Manager who would love to hear from you!

Brian V

Brian is our resident geek. He spends most of his day helping our customers with their accounts and making sure their teams are receiving the best time off experience possible! Brian also has a wicked knack for video production and is usually behind the camera in any of our videos you see! Got a question for Brian? Shoot him an email at

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