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Time-off management automation tool to unburden your team

Unburden your team with PurelyHR's time-off management automation: customize policies, automate approvals, and gain powerful insights.



Calling all SMB owners and HR managers: how does saying goodbye (forever!) to the tedious task of manual time-off calculations sound?  

If manually tracking HR data is making you feel overwhelmed and burned out, you’re far from alone. For one thing, disconnected platforms and old ways of storing data make it exceedingly difficult to assure your team that their personal data is secured. Additionally, not having data recovery or proper backups in place leaves your company extra vulnerable to cyberthreats and breaches.  

Not to mention, your valuable time could be much better spent on big-picture business. You know it’s true, and yet you cannot quite carve out that much-needed breathing room. 

Enter time-off management automation. 

HR time-off management gains at your fingertips:

The fact is—love it or learn to love it—embracing PTO management automation can revolutionize the way you manage employee leave. You know, ensuring accuracy and efficiency rather than tedious, error-prone work. When you opt for an automated time-off system, complex calculations become a thing of the past. In turn, your HR people—rather than drowning in paperwork and emails—are better able to focus on brain-intensive strategic initiatives. Also, suddenly, at your fingertips, are tools for time-off transparency: employees can access their balances anytime, and their requests are sent and approved with the click of a button. Your workplace becomes a more streamlined and productive environment. Your team thanks you heartily. 

You know all this sounds great but are nonetheless stressed about your company’s growth. Chances are you are exhausted from switching between doing good work and building up your company. This is yet another reason to embrace time-off management automation. An automated time-off system can provide invaluable data insights and real-time analytics that make it a lot easier to track employee leave patterns and trends. The result? Easier, more informed decision-making to develop and grow policies—at the same time developing and growing your business. 

If you want to free up time to fill your new and growing role rather than doing small, menial tasks until you are too tired to do anything else, we have got you. 

Here are just a few of the ways that PurelyHR’s automated time-off manager can unburden your team and make your life a whole lot easier: 

• It can customize policies:

When it comes to time-off policies, one size most certainly does not fit all. But what if it were possible to create unlimited PTO policies that match your organization’s highly specific needs? Look no further. PurelyHR’s customizable time-off policies empower your team by accommodating diverse work structures, employee preferences, and company needs. In turn, this unprecedented adaptability enhances employee satisfaction and frees HR teams from the weight of rigid administrative tasks. The result? Why, stronger and more efficient time-off management, of course. 

• It can eliminate errors:

No matter how many years of experience a person has, certain types of work are simply prone to error—human error. Policy changes, balance renewals, accruals, and approvals are a case in point. By putting down the calculator and entrusting these tasks to PurelyHR’s time-off management tools, you are ensuring consistent and accurate adherence to policies—thereby preventing costly mistakes and manual oversights. This precision goes a long way toward liberating your team from the mind-numbing task of error correction: you heard it here first! It also instills confidence in the overall reliability of vacation tracking processes, fostering a smoother and more efficient company workflow. 

• It can automate approvals:

Being able to automate approvals using PurelyHR’s automated leave tracking system accelerates the employee leave request process. In other words, by eliminating the need for manual intervention, you save valuable time and reduce the administrative burden on your team. In turn, a seamless and efficient approval workflow ensures a more responsive and employee-friendly experience. When employees are not frustrated by the leave approval process, there is less turnover. And then you are left with a loyal team that has enough time and energy to focus on strategic HR initiatives rather than routine tasks. Win-win-win.  

• It offers powerful reporting:

Powerful reporting capabilities provide comprehensive insights into employee leave patterns, allowing your team to make stronger, more data-driven decisions—a necessity in 2024. PurelyHR also happens to offer access to 25+ pre-built reports, making it a lot easier to share payroll, workforce, and time off data as needed. Think of all the scenarios in which instant access to insightful data could be helpful (nay, crucial) to the smooth-running of your business. This is how you streamline decision-making processes in the modern world and reduce the time spent on generating those dusty ol’ manual reports. 

The solution is out there

Long gone are the days when leave management was best organized in Excel and calculated manually. While those traditional tools most served their purpose, at this point, we all have way better things to do!  

But there is no need to let this reality add to your stress, or your to-do list. The solution is out there and so is the support to back it up. You can step into a more meaningful leadership role while also gaining speed, productivity, and focus in the day-to-day.  

It is easier than you think. Just ditch the spreadsheets and automate your time off. Save hours with customizable policies, automated accruals, and simple approvals.  

Ready for a breakthrough? Consider trying our free 21-day trial on for size. Or, book a demo today to learn more.  

Got questions? Feel free to drop us a line.  


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