How to support MSP employees in the aftermath of COVID


This post was originally featured on Sherweb’s Blog  The ongoing global pandemic has created a difficult situation for managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide. Tech companies have had to adapt to a drastically different professional landscape, one which requires all hands on deck to ensure that remote working arrangements operate smoothly for their clients. Businesses require MSPs to supply work laptops, […]

What is ‘The Great Resignation’—and why should you care?


This post was originally featured on Sherweb’s Blog  Anyone who’s paying attention knows that change is a reliable constant. This has been particularly true of the global workforce since the pandemic began.   Fast forward to right now, and we’re on the brink of an overhaul as serious as 2020’s sudden shift to remote work. I’m talking about the move to hybrid work, a flexible model where […]

PurelyHR 2018 Year in Review

Dear HR decision makers, analyzers, creators and leaders.  It’s that time of year. We know you are busy moving mountains, breaking barriers, lighting the fire or putting it out. And that’s why you need us just as much as we need you.   No one will ever replace the human element behind HR. Your deep understanding […]

The PurelyHR Help Desk with Brian V

purelyhr help desk

Hi, Everyone! And welcome to our inaugural Q&A video. We get a LOT of questions about our product from existing, but mostly prospective clients and it makes sense! Every business is different and while we do our best to be as accommodating as possible, you want to make sure that PurelyHR is the right move […]