The Benefits of Employee Self-Service Portals for Small Businesses

Just in case you missed a memo, an employee self-service portal is a convenient and centralized web-based platform that lets employees access and manage their personal information, HR-related tasks, and work-related resources. In other words, it allows employees to perform a range of administrative tasks without having to rely on and remind HR all the […]

Is unlimited PTO a trap?

Unlimited PTO has been a dominant trend over the past few years, especially amongst tech companies and startups. But while many companies do indeed offer this benefit, most people understand (in an unspoken sort of way) that “unlimited” is never really, well, unlimited. The truth is, if it was actually treated as such, few companies […]

Taking a break before you break: how to spend your vacation in 2022 


With the initial chaotic scrambling of the Covid-19 pandemic behind us, many workforces are currently left feeling exhausted, burnt out, and demoralized to the point of being unproductive, or even useless. It may sound dramatic but it’s true: the heart wants what it wants, and I’m here to tell you that it wants a vacation. If you […]

How MSPs Can Easily and Fairly Manage Vacation Requests

This post was originally featured on Sherweb’s Blog  Tech workers care as much about benefits like vacation time as they do about wages. Quality of life is the deciding factor for many in-demand skilled workers. Because of this, managed service providers (MSPs) looking to attract and motivate the best talent need to offer a competitive benefits package.   To make that happen, MSP’s also need effective strategies for managing vacation […]

Can U.S. employers deny PTO?

Can employers deny PTO

Most people aren’t aware of the ins and outs of labor law—until they have to be. The rules governing paid time off (PTO) are the perfect example. If you’re reading this, you must be wondering ”Can employers deny PTO?”. Many don’t realize that as commonplace (and indeed, expected) as paid vacation is, it’s not legally mandated in the US. […]

Last-Minute Time Off Requests: What You Need To Know


Whether you’re a storied HR pro or an office manager tasked with HR responsibilities, your heavy workload is likely considered “just part of the job.” Your invaluable role in team management is all-encompassing: payroll, time cards, recruiting, training, managing PTO, conducting employee reviews, updating benefits and policies, and ensuring constant compliance—to name just a few. […]