HR metrics and analytics for data-driven decision making 

HR managers and small business owners have long-debated the best strategies for dealing with complex issues that inevitably/eventually develop in any given organization—from addressing lulls in morale and efficiency to resolving disputes, to better managing PTO requests. While in the past, companies have relied heavily on qualitative (and therefore subjective) information derived from employee experiences, […]

Navigating HR Compliance: Tips and Solutions for Small Businesses

Regardless of the size of your company, HR compliance can be a huge undertaking. While an HR manager or department has countless important responsibilities, maintaining legal compliance may just be at the top of that mighty list. In short, HR compliance is the process of creating and enforcing internal HR policies—ones that follow labor laws, […]

Ask HR: Top tips for managing HR remotely


Let’s be honest: the last year and a half has been interesting, challenging, difficult, intense and surprising all at the same time. The job market is forever changed, and managers have had to show enormous adaptability, a lot of creativity… and sometimes adjust their expectations. Leaders have in fact become… e-leaders! Honestly, BRAVO to all the managers out there!  […]

From Outlook to Time-Off™, Fingerprint Pads to Time-Clock™: How Quality Logo Products Found Success With PurelyHR

Quality Logo Products (QLP) is a promotional products distributor based in Aurora, Illinois. QLP is one of the top promotional product companies in the US and their customer base reaches around the world. The company was founded in 2003 by friends Bret Bonnet (President) and Michael Wenger (Vice-President). To this day, they are proud to […]