#PurelyPeeps: Meet Jolene & Sam, PurelyHR’s Intern Class of 2018

Earlier this month the PurelyHR team was super excited to welcome our two newest interns to join the #PurelyPeep squad!

Every year, PurelyHR evaluates our business needs during “intern season” and seek out the best and brightest grads in our little east coast town and work to shape the future minds of the #HRtech industry!

This year, we’ve accepted two interns for our Sales & Marketing teams and we’re so excited to introduce them to you!

Meet Jolene Cormier! Jolene is a second year Marketing student at CCNB with an eye for social media and content marketing. When we reached out to Jolene’s instructor looking for interns Jolene jumped at the opportunity and even wrote us a little travel blog to showcase her talents! Here’s hoping you’ll get to see more of her work in the future!

  • Funny Fact: I LOVE cleaning, once I start cleaning I can’t stop myself. ✨
  • Best Vacation: Saint-Petersburg, FL ☀
  • Dream Job: Veterinarian ?

Meet Samuel Savoie! Sam is also a second year Marketing student at CCNB, but he’s more interested in the sales side of things which is perfect for us! We first met Sam when we gave a presentation to his class and he reached out to us after that. Sam’s been hanging out with our CS team for most of his first week and we’ve been hearing lots of laughter from across the hall! Glad you’re having so much fun so far Sam!

  • Funny Fact: I sing in the shower ??‍??
  • Best Vacation: New York, NY ?
  • Dream Job: Physiotherapist ??‍♂️

Now that you know them a little better, let’s dive into some of our interview questions from earlier this week, shall we?

We started off by asking them, why the interest in doing your internship with PurelyHR? What drew you in to working for an HR tech company?

Sam – Well for me, I first heard about you guys when you (Jared) came to talk to our class about the company. It was the first time I had heard of PurelyHR and the fact that there was potentially a position in sales following the internship obviously had me very excited. Aside from that though, it seemed like a great place for me to come and show off what I’ve learned so far in school and hopefully use that to help the company grow.

Jolene – When I first heard about the internship opportunity it was through my instructor when PurelyHR reached out looking for marketing interns and with a previous background as an office administrator I already knew a little bit about HR and that I was interested in learning more. I had never realized before how convenient having a software like this could be for a company. That was very cool to see and drew me in.

Awesome you guys! Well, we’re definitely grateful that you chose to complete your internship with us! Speaking of which, how did your first week on the job go?

Jolene – We’re having fun! I think the environment here in the PurelyHR office is really fun and upbeat. I’ve been soaking everything in and learning a lot!

Sam – Yeah, everyone’s been pretty welcoming and the environment really is great. No one takes themselves too seriously and has a lot of fun while they work, it’s a culture that I feel like I fit into.

That’s so good to hear! I’m glad you guys are feeling at home and are having fun too! Last question and I promise I’ll leave you alone – What are you most looking forward to for the rest of your internship?

Sam – Well… A job would be nice of course! (we like this guy) But aside from that I really want to take advantage of this opportunity and maximize my time here. I want to continue learning and developing my sales skills, particularly in the HR biz.

Jolene – For the rest of my time here I also just want to keep learning, absorb as much as I can. So much goes on in the marketing room, I’ve just been listening and taking it all in. I want to make sure I’m as prepared for the “real world” as possible and sharpen my skills as well.

There you have it! That completes our interview with our 2018 interns! Good luck Jolene & Sam!

The Sales & Marketing teams are both so excited to have Sam & Jolene on board and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do in the upcoming weeks!