How to support MSP employees in the aftermath of COVID


This post was originally featured on Sherweb’s Blog  The ongoing global pandemic has created a difficult situation for managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide. Tech companies have had to adapt to a drastically different professional landscape, one which requires all hands on deck to ensure that remote working arrangements operate smoothly for their clients. Businesses require MSPs to supply work laptops, […]

Ask HR: Top tips for managing HR remotely


Let’s be honest: the last year and a half has been interesting, challenging, difficult, intense and surprising all at the same time. The job market is forever changed, and managers have had to show enormous adaptability, a lot of creativity… and sometimes adjust their expectations. Leaders have in fact become… e-leaders! Honestly, BRAVO to all the managers out there!  […]

What is ‘The Great Resignation’—and why should you care?


This post was originally featured on Sherweb’s Blog  Anyone who’s paying attention knows that change is a reliable constant. This has been particularly true of the global workforce since the pandemic began.   Fast forward to right now, and we’re on the brink of an overhaul as serious as 2020’s sudden shift to remote work. I’m talking about the move to hybrid work, a flexible model where […]

Taking a break before you break: how to spend your vacation in 2022 


With the initial chaotic scrambling of the Covid-19 pandemic behind us, many workforces are currently left feeling exhausted, burnt out, and demoralized to the point of being unproductive, or even useless. It may sound dramatic but it’s true: the heart wants what it wants, and I’m here to tell you that it wants a vacation. If you […]

Coming back from burnout

How HR can support an employee returning to work  Employee burnout is far from being a peripheral problem. Rather, it has reached record levels. 52% of respondents to a recent Indeed survey reported experiencing burnout in 2021, up from 43% pre-pandemic. Additionally, nearly 60% of leaders report feeling used up at the end of the day, a very strong indicator of burnout as well. The fact […]

How MSPs Can Easily and Fairly Manage Vacation Requests

This post was originally featured on Sherweb’s Blog  Tech workers care as much about benefits like vacation time as they do about wages. Quality of life is the deciding factor for many in-demand skilled workers. Because of this, managed service providers (MSPs) looking to attract and motivate the best talent need to offer a competitive benefits package.   To make that happen, MSP’s also need effective strategies for managing vacation […]

Last-Minute Time Off Requests: What You Need To Know


Whether you’re a storied HR pro or an office manager tasked with HR responsibilities, your heavy workload is likely considered “just part of the job.” Your invaluable role in team management is all-encompassing: payroll, time cards, recruiting, training, managing PTO, conducting employee reviews, updating benefits and policies, and ensuring constant compliance—to name just a few. […]